Mindfruit Studio Reel
Director: Damon Stea
Edited by Cassandra Chowdhury

0:04-0:17 Hold My Breath (music video)
0:18-0:23 Blood Red Skies (music video)
0:24-0:34 Start With Goodbye (music video)
0:35-0:43 How Could You (music video)
0:44-0:48 Call of the Sea (commercial)
0:48-0:50 Reaper (commercial)
0:51-0:52 Red (short film)
0:53-0:58- Sisyphus (commercial)
0:59-1:02- Saguaro (stop motion short film- to be released 2018)
1:04-1:09- Hearts Treason (music video)
1:11-1:19- Cinnamon Bone (music video)
1:20- 1:03- Memoirs of a Scanner (short film)
1:23-1:26- Lux Ballet (commercial)
1:26-1:27- The Perfect Crunch (commercial)
1:28-1:36- Into the Wild (commercial)
1:37-1:44- City of Glass (music video)
1:46-1:49- Forever 21 Hello Kitty Debut (commercial)
1:50-1:54- Maestro (short film)
1:55-2:07- Black Rose (music video)
2:08-2:13- Box Girl (commercial)
2:14-2:16- Obscura (documentary)