Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello


No digital effects were used besides some serious color correction.

Video concept inspired by "Proscaenia" by Dino Valls.
All taxidermy animals used in this video died of natural causes and were ethically sourced.

Artist: Eliza Rickman
Directed and shot by: Damon Stea
Produced by: Mindfruit

full credits

Official music video for "Start with Goodbye, Stop with Hello"
© & ℗ MMXII - Charmingly Befuddled Music (BMI). All rights reserved.
Taxidermy artist: Lauren Kane (
Production Designer: Cassandra Chowdhury
Art Director: Matthew Sheehan
Production design assistant: Allison Chowdhury
Costumes: Lauren Kane & Allison Chowdhury
Hair & Makeup: Anissa Salaza
Production Assistants: Christian Hall, Jonathan Langager, Ali Scher, Olivia Choate, & Laura Sheehan
Editor: Cassandra Chowdhury
Colorist: Damon Stea
On Set photographer: Jill Simpson
Special thanks to all of our Kickstarter Backers for making this video possible.
Special thanks to Photo Film Stage